To conserve, protect and restore North America's Coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.


By the next generation, Trout Unlimited will ensure that robust populations of native and wild Coldwater fish once again thrive within our local area, so that our children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters.

TU Approach

TU has a basic approach to its conservation strategy. 
1. We use the best available science and research to protect headwater spawning habitat for native trout. We reconnect tributaries with their rivers to ensure resilience, and we restore waters where development has impacted trout and the opportunity to fish for them. 
2. We sustain our work on the ground by:
     •Using the best research provided by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission to drive our conservation 
     •Promoting and maintaining a strong legal and regulatory framework to protect fish and fishing opportunity.
     •Connecting with passionate anglers who want to give back to the resource they value so much.
     •Increasing our ability to engage TU members in conservation by training, educating and building a strong 
      community of angler advocates.
     •Connecting with generous partners in support of our financial realm. 
     •Helping members connect and communicate with one another via our website, TROUT Magazine and 
      the TU Blog.

ACTU Approach

ACTU, over the years, has pursued and advanced TU's mission in the following ways:
•Spearheaded the stream habitat improvement of numerous watersheds in Adams County; including: Conewago Creek, Conococheague Creek, Marsh Creek, Mountain Creek, Latimore Creek and Opossum Creek
•Advocated for responsible real estate development through crafting agreements with various developers, governing storm water runoff and other watershed protection issues, in partnership with the Adams County Conservation District, by adopting and protecting stream access.
•Led the creation of handicapped fishing access on Latimore Creek.
•Led ongoing stewardship and monitoring of cold water watersheds.
•Supported an active grant and education program designed to assist landowners to become better stewards of their riparian watersheds.
•Worked closely with the Pennsylvania State DCNR and Adams County Conservation District to secure reimbursement for seedlings and fencing along streams.
•Sponsored monthly speakers on fishing, fly tying, endangered species and other conservation related topics.

Chapter Stream Restoration Policy​

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) Program

The chapter is proud to support the second-largest TIC program in Pennsylvania.  Led by Adam McClain, the chapter currently supports the following schools/instructors in the program:

Bermudian Middle School - Danyelle Kaiser​
Bermudian Springs High School – Dianna Jarema 
Gettysburg High School - Laura Kennedy
Gettysburg High School - Steve Glassmann 
Gettysburg Middle School - Cristina Clark-Cuadrado
Gettysburg Montessori School – Heather Edmond and Nicole Rickell 
Harrisburg Area Community College (Gettysburg Campus) – Bill Hartzell
New Oxford High School – Crystal Krumrine
St. Francis Xavier – Amy Woods
Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve –  Lizzy Ryan 
Upper Adams High School - Michelle Miller  
To learn more about TIC, please visit http://www.patroutintheclassroom.org


Chapter Awards:

ACTU is the proud recipient of the following national-level and state-level awards:

    2020        Best Small Chapter Award from PA TU
    2004        National Prestigious Gold Trout Award from National TU

Individual Awards:

Each year, the Chapter presents the PA Fish and Boat Commission Adopt-A-Stream Award and the David Swope Merit and Recognition Award to active members who have demonstrated their commitment to the ACTU mission. We are pleased to recognize the following award winners:

                  PFBC Adopt-a-Stream                                   Chapter Merit and Recognition
2021         Buzz Dettinburn                                                                Howard Hellyer       
2020         Gary Perry                                                                        Jerry Gladfelter
2019         Richard Lewis                                                                   Cindy Staub  
2018         April Swope                                                                       Hank Rajotte               
2016         Larry Hartlaub                                                                    Richard Lewis
2015         Dave Swope                                                                      Rebecca Plesic
2014         Gary Toner                                                                        Amy Stum
2013         Chris Plesic                                                                       Joe Whitmore
2012         Andy Murray                                                                      Jetsy Murray
2011         Edwin McGlaughlin                                                            Mona Lippert
2010         Dave Swope                                                                      Joe Heine
2009         Mark Kessler                                                                      Bob Marchio
2008         Edwin McGlaughlin                                                            Dave Lippert
2007         Dick Killen                                                                          Peg Bucher
2006                                                                                                    Mike Hossler
2005         Terry Sipe                                                                          Dave Swope
2004         Dave Swope                                                                      Terry Sipe
2003         Randy Wildasin                                                                  Edwin McGlaughlin
2002         Mike Hossler                                                                      Dan Herrick
2001         Dan Herrick & Bert Weisman (NVTU)                                Randy Wildasin
2000         Rick James                                                                         Mel Brown
1999         Mel Brown                                                                          Rick James
1988         Knouse Foods

Adams County Trout Unlimited Chapter #323